Citizen Kane – Scene Observation

The scene I found intriguing was the ending of the film. I found it ironic that while the characters in the film never found out what Rosebud meant, we the audience did. First, it shows a High-angle shot of Charles Foster Kane’s property that’s about to be incinerated. Then we see one of the workers pick up a sled and thrown in the incinerator. As the camera does a close-up to the burning sled, we see the burning sled say the name Rosebud, then the movie ends where it began in that it shows an extreme close-up of  the gate with the no trespassing sign and an in-depth look of the house from a view. I believe that maybe besides the irony, the filmmakers were trying to show us that some things are precious to some people as well as sacred and maybe there are just some things we like to keep to ourselves. Also the way it was filmed might have been to give it more of a dramatic impact and feel to the movie, which I feel definitely worked out. Also, the ending the gate and view of the house makes me feel that Charles Foster Kane was a very guarded and closed man, as probably expressed through some of the other character’s stories of him. I think this had to be the most powerful scene in the film because it could probably give some insight into who we are and what we value in our lives.

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1 thought on “Citizen Kane – Scene Observation

  1. “.. maybe there are just some things we like to keep to ourselves.” I like that you mention this point. When I was watching the movie it sort of frustrated me that they never solved the answer to the question “Who/what is Rosebud?” but now that I read your point, it’s probably better off this way. This is probably one of the only things about Mr. Kane’s life that wasn’t in the public knowledge, and maybe it’s better that way.

    I also like your idea on how the gate emphasis’s how he was a closed off and guarded individual. I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense.

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