My Views on “Prelude To War”

The film “Prelude To War” is 1 of 7 of the Why We Fight war films ted by Frank Capra, who also directed the classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Capra created the films as a response to the attack on Pearl Harbor and to show his support for the war, even himself enlisting in the army 4 days after the attack. Much of “Prelude To War” contains many close-up scenes showing soldiers gearing up for action and weapons being prepared. There was also a short scene showing a bell with the word Liberty on it, which also helps to explain not just the purpose of the film, but the purpose of America’s involvement in the world: Liberty and also basically saying if you want peace, prepare for war. The film also does its best to convince people that they are different than those in Germany and doing so by trying to show and say that the people in Germany who sided with Axis Powers have no free will or minds of their own and is basically ruled by tyranny, while America is the ideal place to be free and the best place to live. I believe in that sense the film was powerful and very convincing to get many people to do their part in whatever way they can to help support the war.

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2 thoughts on “My Views on “Prelude To War”

  1. Another interesting thing about the film is how it made appeals to Christian, Jewish, and Islamic sentiment. It shows how America is both spiritual and tolerant.

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