The Tale Of An Outsider

The Outsider (1951) is a story of a very shy girl named Susan Jane, who is an outsider and has a fear of making friends and feels people think badly of her and that she’ll never make friends, a feeling I daresay I know all to well. I have Social Anxiety Disorder and have always had a hard time making and keeping friends, largely due to my past experiences with people socially. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t moments I felt I would never make friends. I hardly ever get the chance to have fun and socialize with others, even when I’m confident enough to ask or be involved. I usually end up getting hurt. The film ends without us fully knowing if everything worked out well in Susan’s case, but it does feel like a life lesson, just not one I’m sure I’m capable of learning or adhering to. So needless to say, this short film really hit home with me. Like Susan, I’d give anything to have a real friend. But definitely a great film I everyone can probably learn from.

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2 thoughts on “The Tale Of An Outsider

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Mitchell. I think my own love for this short film comes from a similar place– as dated and corny as the acting can be, there’s something so tragic about Susan’s pain, which rings true for many of us. And the strange, open-ended closing seems unusual for an educational short– it’s the kind of problem that can’t really be solved in an easy way (unless we can all find that book “How to Make People Like You!”).

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