Breathless or À bout de souffle, which literally means “at breath’s end” is a very interesting film. The role of man and woman in this film seems defined in a way that was more or less defined or interpreted for the times in that era. The character of Michel in the film is defined as a very dominating, cocky and powerful bad boy-like figure in the film particularly in terms of the way he treats women. Throughout the first part of the film he goes around sleeping with them, also steals money from them and even in some ways kinda talks down on them to degree. In the bedroom scene at Patricia’s apartment where he stole her key to hide from the police after a murder he’s committed, he tells Patricia of the many different kinds of women he’s slept with and calls some of them ugly and talking as if they were just a tease to him. Patricia on the other also has news of her own, telling Michel she’s pregnant, though from what I can tell, there’s no mention or even any knowledge or clue as to who the father is. After a while I didn’t think the film would really go anywhere from the bedroom scene at that point until they finally moved on to the next scene of the film.

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2 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. It seemed rather long winded without actually making a point. I was waiting for something exciting to happen but not much did. I think the title is rather fitting in that it made me feel tired, bored, and want to sigh in exasperation like the meaning of breathless, still and lifeless.

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